Srimushnam Bhu Varaha Temple

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Srimushnam Bhu Varaha Temple is a Hindu temple, located at Srimushnam, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, the temple is dedicated to Varaha, the boar-avatar of Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi as Ambujavalli Thayar.

Srimushnam Bhu Varaha Temple had contributions from Medieval Cholas of the 10th century and was later expanded by Thanjavur Nayak king Achuthappa Nayak. A granite boundary wall of the temple encloses all the shrines and the temple tanks. There is a seven-tier rajagopuram, the temple’s gateway tower.

Srimushnam Bhu Varaha Temple


At Srimushnam Varaha Swamy Temple Six daily rituals and three yearly festivals are held, out of them the Chariot festival celebrated during the Tamil month of Vaikasi (April–May), is the most prominent. The festival also symbolizes Hindu-Muslim unity in the region – the flag of the chariot is provided by Muslims; they take offerings from the temple and present them to Allah in the mosques.



Srimushnam is the Divya Desam in which Vara Murthiyaana, Phuvara Perumal, and his entourage resided. The third of the ten incarnations of Thirumal is the Varaha incarnation. When the demon Iranyadsa hid the earth in the ocean, Maha Vishnu incarnated and killed the monster and saved the earth. Varaha Avatar is mentioned in various Puranic texts.

Once upon a time, four Maharishis came to see Lord Vishnu. They were stopped by the gate guards, Jayan and Vijayan. Enraged by this, the Rishis cursed, “You will be born as Asuras in the world”. Accordingly, both of them were born in the world as children of sage Kasyapa. Named Iranyakasibu and Iranyadsan, they performed many sacrifices and penances and received many boons from Brahma. With those boons, they began to torture the people of the world, the gods, and the sages.

Then Varuna said, “Rather than you clashing with me, it is better to clash with Tirumal, who is going to take the avatar of Vara.” If you conquer him, you will conquer everything.” After that, searching for Varaha Murthy became Iranyadsan’s full-time job. But Varagar was nowhere to be found. So, he lured the earth and hid it under the sea.


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