Srikanteshwara Temple

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Nanjangud is located on the banks of the Kapila River in Mysore, the ancient capital of Karnataka. The Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangud here is very famous. There is an interesting phenomenon in this temple that is simply unbelievable.

Surprises at the Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangud


The roof opens up to the sky at a certain point inside this temple. At that time, a bel tree spreading its branches over the sanctum can be seen through that open space. Surprisingly, the tree’s roots are not visible anywhere in the soil. It is very surprising how the bell tree survives without getting soil or water.

Also, another amazing thing is that there are many pillars in this temple, as in many temples. But the specialty here is that though there are many pillars in the temple, only one of them shows the face of Mata Gauri from time to time. According to those who visit the temple regularly, Goddess Gauri’s face is constantly changing. Not only that, but sometimes it looks very clear and transparent.


History of the Srikanteshwara Temple, Nanjangud


It believed that sage Gautama stayed here for some days. At that time, he installed a linga in the image of Shiva. Nanjangur also known as the Kashi of the South or the Varanasi of the South because of its many temples. The temple probably built in the 9th century when the Ganga rulers occupied the region. At that time, the temple’s presiding deity was called Hakim Nanjuda; Tipu Sultan also prayed to the deity by this name.

It is known that Tipu Sultan had a very favorite elephant. That elephant once fell ill and died. But the Sultan’s Kabiraj and Maulawis did not make any mistake in their best efforts. But nothing worked in the treatment. Then Tippu Sultan earnestly prayed to Nanjundeshwar to restore the life of the elephant.





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