Spectacular Pareshnath Temple

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The style of architecture adopted in building this Spectacular Pareshnath Temple in Kolkata is simply magnificent, with the tall and slender central spire and the cluster of minor pinnacles arranged around its base. The central spire, gracing the skyline and soaring high above the surrounding lawns and colorful flowerbeds, was originally plated with gold. It has rising behind it a flagstaff on which flutters the temple flag.

Along with the parapet of the terrace, a balustrade ornamented with small pinnacles and a miniature triple-arched shrine in the center, flanked by two casket-like structures on its eastern face.


The whole exterior of the temple is most gorgeously ornamented with brilliant mosaics, excelling in beauty and elegance more than any other in any part of the world.

  • Mosaics Glass Decoration:


The inner design of the temple is an abundant manifestation of beauty, unexplainable in its vivid decoration of mosaics. One is bound to become speechless looking at the walls, ceiling, arches, pillars, etc. which are intelligently crafted with colored glass mosaics reflecting lights from all sides. While the stone and glass works are fantastic in the extreme in their bewildering shades of color and design. The pillar to pillar is also ornamented with hand-painted panels of remarkable beauty, depicting scenes from Jain history and mythology, and the ceilings hang fine chandeliers of hand-cut glass in variegated colors.

Spectacular Pareshnath Temple

  • Skill in Mirrors Setting:

In the sanctum, mirrors so skillfully fixed at an angle in the walls that a visitor can see in one mirror from outside the sanctum a person circumambulating.


  • Beautiful Garden:

In Badridas Temple Street in the city of Calcutta stands a cluster of Jain Temples, the principal one being dedicated to Sri Sitalnath, the tenth of the Jain Tirthankaras or path-founders. Built-in 1867, this Spectacular Pareshnath Temple stands in one of the prettiest gardens in the city.


This Spectacular Pareshnath Temple has an interesting history. In this area, there  a Jain shrine called Dadabari, dedicated to some prominent Jain saints. Here that Sri Badridas used to come to pay homage to these saints. One day, seeing cruelty being done to the aquatics of a nearby tank, purchased the whole plot at the behest of his mother, constructed the temple. Already mentioned, it is very significant that the temple dedicated to Sri Sitalnath, means the Lord Protector of the Aquatics.



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