Simhachalam Varaha Laxminarasimha Mandir

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Architecture of Simhachalam Varaha Laxminarasimha Mandir-Built on a hill, this temple has wonderfully carved halls. There is extensive use of both Chalukya and Orissa architectural styles. Lord Narasimha is the deity of this temple. The temple situated 800 feet above sea level. A flight of steps leads from the hill to the top, all the way to the temple. At the foot of the hill, there are chitals for the pilgrims to stay. They take bath in the Pushkarni located close to the foothills. The way is through a grove of trees, a wooden hollow near the top towards the north surrounded by a wide circle resembling an amphitheater, this is the temple of Lord Narasimha of the northern circles.

One of the pillars of Mukhtantapa named Kappam Stambham or Pillar of Tribute. It attracts a large number of pilgrims. There is a popular belief that this pillar has the power to cure cattle disease and infertility in women. The deity is covered with a thick layer of sandalwood paste, which pacified the wrath of the Lord after the destruction of Hiranyakashipu. This coating removed only once a year, on Visakha Day in May. The temple consists of a square shrine, with a tall gopura and a small circular tower atop the Mukmantapa. The Natyamandapam consists of a stone car driven by two horses and surrounded by a verandah, where scenes from Vishnupurana skillfully carved.

Outside the enclosure, towards the north the Kalyanamantapam with 96 exquisitely carved pillars where the Kalyan Utsav performed every year on the eleventh day of the Sukalpaksha, Chaitramas. Here Lord Vishnu  depicted as Matsya, Dhanvantari, and Varuna. Many mortals of Narasimha will also be found here. The perennial spring called Gangadhara found here and said to have medicinal properties. The Sthalapurana for the temple describes the temple in 32 chapters, and Vedavyasa writes about the original temple in the Skanda Purana.

Simhachalam Varaha Laxminarasimha Mandir



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