Shiv-Khori Cave Rasu village

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There are several legends surrounding this cave, one of the most important of which is that after long worship of Lord Shiva, a demon called Bhasmasura got a boon whose palm touched his head to burn instantly. After receiving this boon from Shiva, Bhasmasur, unable to see anyone near test it, finally ventured to place the palm on Shiva’s head. Shiva then started running to save himself from Bhasmasura. The cave into which Shiva entered in fear of death is now known as Shiv-Khori Cave at Rasu village .

Then Lord Narayana came forward to save Shiva. Narayana appeared there disguised as Mohini and tried to attract Bhasmasura’s attention. Bhasmasur too was fascinated by the beautiful form of Mohini. After leaving Shiva, he tried to reconcile with Mohini. Finally, Bhashmasu proposed marriage to Mohini. On the proposal of Tasmasura, Mohinirupi Lord Vishnu told her that he is willing to marry her only if she is able to defeat him in the dance. Bhasmasur agreed to Mohini’s words. Bhasmasura started dancing with Mohini. While dancing Bhasmasura, when Ummad, Mohini took the opportunity to place one of Bhasmasura’s hands on her own head. Thus, Bhasmasura himself was destroyed by his own power.

Shiv-Khori Cave Rasu village

The Temple:

According to legend, 33 crore deities are present in this cave in the form of pindis and natural milk from the top of the cave falls like holy Ganga water on the 4 feet high Swayanganku Shiva-lingam. Various Hindu deities can be seen on the natural walls of the cave. The most surprising thing is that the images of these deities were not carved by any artist. It is completely natural.

The cave is shaped like Shiva’s Damru, that is, wide at both ends but narrow in the middle. The width of the cave is so narrow at certain places that a person has to lie down to enter. Somewhere in the cave again about a hundred feet wide and quite high.


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