Sharda Temple In Maihar

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Maa Sharda Temple In Maihar is a famous shrine in Satna district tehsil of Madhya Pradesh. It was not Sati’s body, but her voice that fell here. So this place does not belong to the fifty-one Peeths but is one of the twenty-six Uppeeths. Since Satimai Ki Har, Maihar, Mehar has become Mehar.

Sharda Temple In Maihar

The location of the Peeth is on the top of Trikoot Hill. Mumbai Mail (Via Allahabad) is the suitable train from Howrah to reach this Mahatirtha. Maihar or Maihar is the intermediate station between the two major stations after Allahabad, Satna, and Katni. The distance from this railway station to this Devisthan of Trikut Parbat is only five kilometers. Autos, tempos, trekkers, and rickshaws are available to go to Mandirmarg from the station and bus stand. It is crowded with passengers throughout the year. But most of the tourists and pilgrims come here from Jabalpur and Satna by bus or motor. Along Jabalpur-Satna Road. Beautiful pitched road. The car does not have to stumble as there are not so many potholes anywhere. Such roads are almost everywhere in Madhya Pradesh.

The Temple:

As Vaishnodevi is well known in North India, Maa Sharda Temple is a highly awakened tirtha in Central India. Everyone knows the name in one sentence, the forehead is raised by the name of Sardamata, the words. Mochakarti is a high mountain. Height 600 feet. The number of stairs to climb this mountain is one thousand and one. However, this climb is very difficult. But there is also a ropeway system.

A beautiful park at the foot of Trikut Hill and allow to take rest for a while before breaking up the hill. Came here and fascinated. In the middle of the garden, there is a raised altar. There are rows of Navadurga idols. These black stone idols very beautiful. This place known as Adishakti Mandir.


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