Shani Temple Singapore

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Shani Temple Singapore has the specialty of this world-famous Shani temple is the stone idol of Lord Shani, the son of Surya placed here on a marble stone under a metal canopy under the open sky. The distance of the village is 35 km from the famous city of Ahmed Nagar in Maharashtra.


One of the reasons why Shani Singapore Village is important is that it is one of the deities of Hinduism There is a temple of Saturn. The name of this village is “Shani Singapore” after the name of Lord Shani. No thief dares to steal because of the fear of Shani Maharaj of this stone. That is why most houses in the city have no windows, doors, or arches. All the houses have only curtains instead of doors. Because there is no theft here. Legend has it that the one who steals  punished by Shani Maharaj himself.

For this reason, there is no need for any police or security forces in Shani Singapore Village. However, a police station set up there in September 2015 to cater to the growing number of government offices and visitors, so far, no complaints received from the villagers at the police station. In 2011, a branch of United Commercial Bank, a state-owned bank in India, was opened in the village. After the discussion of the bank authorities with the villagers at the time of opening the bank, it decided that as per the government rules, even if the door of the bank has a cupboard, it should be made of transparent glass, so that Shani deity can see everything inside from outside.

It also decided that the cupboard  never locked. Although the bank opened in 2011 under these conditions, there never any untoward incident in the bank. Bank doors unlocked 24 hours a day. These incidents of Singaporean villages seem like they always keep their doors open and keep a watchful eye on the wealth of the house from afar.

Shani Temple Singapore



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