Ranganath Vishnu Temple

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Srirangam is 56 KM from Tanjore. Lying on an island, encircled by two rivers, Coleroon and Kaveri. The place apart from this mighty Ranganath Vishnu Temple is itself very picturesque. In Srirangam, great religious schools flourished and Shri Ramanuja himself adorned the pontificate in Srirangam. He spent over 20 years in Srirangam. He wrote his monumental and celebrated works the Vedarthasangraha, Bhasya on Bhagavad Gita, and the Sri Bhasya. History records that Sri Ramanuja like his worthy predecessors-the Alwars and Nath Muni conversed personally with Shri Ranganath Bhagwan, another name of Lord Vishnu.




.Ranganath Vishnu Temple

Ranganath Temple

Acclaimed as the first and foremost among the 108 Divya Desas, Ranganath Temple, Srirangam one of the greatest temples in the South. This  also a Swayam Vyakta Kshetra and  known as Bhooloka Vaikunta. Srirangam  reinvented by Raja Rajendra Chola who also known as ‘Kilikanda Cholan’.

He got this name, the legend says because it was a kili (parrot). The parrot told him of this great city lying submerged under sand dunes. He resuscitated this temple from oblivion. The city has an antiquated past, the history of which obliterated by the passage of time and lack of records.

However, the fact remains that with some sense of credibility, the temple present there for some 4000 years uninterruptedly. Of the South Indian kingdoms, viz. the Cholas, Pandyas, Nayaks and Rayars contributed to the rehabilitation and renovation of this great temple.

Architectural Importance : 

Srirangam  an island of 600 acres surrounded by the river Coleroon and Kaveri. Srirangam boasts of housing the Ranganatha Temple which is supreme of the 108 Vaishnava Sthalas (Divya Desams). The temple has seven defending walls which open to 21 towers. The outer wall measures 950 x 816 meters. The Rajagopuram is the tallest tower in south India with a peak of seventy-two meters (220 feet). The temple constructed through Dharmavarma Chola got buried in sand consequence on the floods of the river Cauvery. A king known as Kili Chola (Parrot Chola) recognized the buried Vimana as per the dreams he had. And . on the off repeated words of the parrot which recognized the Vishu temple of Vaikundam buried there. He constructed the temple enclosing the Sanctorum.


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