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Why Ramappa Temple Was Nominated As रामप्पा मंदिर को यूनेस्को की विश्व धरोहर स्थल के रूप में नामित क्यों किया गया था? (पं. I) World Heritage Site? (Pt. II) is a post on the great Kakatiya Rudreshwara (Ramappa) Temple, Telangana, India or Ramappa Temple as popularly known. Why Ramappa Temple Was Nominated As Why Ramappa Temple Was Nominated As UNESCO World Heritage Site? (Pt. I) World Heritage Site? (Pt. I) allready published.

The great temple of Ramappa is situated near the small village of Palampet in the Mulug Taluk of the Warrangal District at a distance of about 65 kilometers North-west of Hanamkonda. It is set in a background of beautiful hills, luxuriant vegetation, and an abundance of water. The magnificent lake nearby covers an area of nearly thirteen square kilometers and is formed by a ring of hills on their sides with a colossal bund only on one side in the North, an excellent testimony to the care and skill of the Kakatiyas in irrigation works of a high order. (Dr. G. Yazdani says: “Warangal, the metropolis of this dynasty, abounds in magnificent tanks, and the titanic dykes and sluice-gate of Pakhal, Lakhnaram, and Ramappa lake are object lessons even to the modern engineer.”).

  1. Kakatiyan Dynasty:

It was an important center of the Kakatiyas, one of the major dynasties that ruled over the Deccan and shaped its history civilization, and culture.


  • History

A brief resume of the history of the Kakatiya dynasty will serve to explain the real significance of the architecture and sculpture of these temples.

The Kakatiyas have a place of honor among the ruling families of medieval Dekkan “by virtue of their numerous conquests, their vast empire, their liberal patronage of arts and letters, and the great fervor with which they defended Hindu culture and Hindu institutions against the repeated onslaughts of Islam.”


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