Rajappa Temple

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Chhinnamasta Siddha Peeth Rajappa Temple situated at the confluence the of Damodar River and Bhairavi River. Buses ply throughout the day from Ranchi, Ramgarh, Bokaro, and Dhanbad.



Chhinnamasta’s name is also Prachanda Chandika. It is believed that when Chandika was killing the demons, she became frantic and started killing innocent people. This caused a river of blood to flow. There an outcry on the earth. At the request of the gods, Lord Shankar reached the goddess. Seeing Shankar ji, the goddess started feeling hungry and said, Oh Nath! I am feeling hungry. Shankar told the goddess that you should drink blood after cutting your neck with a knife. The goddess cut off her head with the knife and took it in her left hand.

Streams of blood started coming out of the neck, which left the right Dakini-Shakini also two streams went into her mouth and the middle stream went into the mouth of the goddess, drinking and she became satisfied. Since then, the mother’s name became Chhinnamasta.

Rajappa Temple Jharkhand

Rajappa Temple is very ancient. Shankaracharya visited this place 1200 years ago. The temple built by the tantric method. Eight lotus and sixty-four Yoginis inscribed on the walls of the temple. Sukumar Basu Thakur considered the construction of the temple to be 6000 years old. The temple  renovated time and again. It also renovated in 1992.

Rajappa always been a tantric field. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, the mysterious idol of Mother Chhinnamasta is installed on the beautiful altar. He holds a knife in his right hand and his broken head in his left hand. Out of the three blood streams coming out of the throat, the middle stream itself is paan. Dakshin Dhara drinks Varnini and Bam Dhara Dakini.

The symbol of Kamadeva is the Damodar River in Rajappa and the symbol of Rati is the river Bhairavi, which embraces Damodar from above. Thus, the contrast between the river and the river here. There is confluence in ratimudra. It is symbolic. The temple of Maa Chhinnamasta is angular for roundness. Its height is usually thirty feet.



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