Radha Parthasarathy

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In this Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathy ISKCON temple of Delhi, the name of Hare Rama Hare Krishna always resonates in the temple. Helping to enhance the beauty of the temple, the carving work attracts tourists. Shops have also been built at many places in the temple for the devotees to buy some things.

ISKCON Temple located in Delhi is also known by the name Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathy Mandir.

The Temple:

While entering the temple, first of all, you will see a big and beautiful fountain. Also, statues of many deities will be seen at different places of the temple. A large museum is also located in this ISKON temple of Delhi. The texts of Ramayana and Mahabharata have been displayed here.

Special worship of Lord Krishna is performed in the temple every Sunday. During the time of this worship, the devotees of the Lord offer prayers and pray for the fulfillment of their wishes.

Radha Parthasarathy Mandir


The sixty feet high shikhara, seven stories, 130 feet in height, has the vertical spiritual architecture to accommodate all the services of the temple in a small area. Sri Radha Krishna Temple adjacent to Krishna Jayanti Park is known as ISKCON Noida.

The engineer who built the temple, Ashok Lall, in his book on Kanvinde( Achyut Kanvinde Akar; Niyogi Books, 2017) writes “ The ornamental motifs and openings formed into the face of the shikhara were to be ‘ Hinduistic ’ but need not stick to the rules of any traditional style. The openings that break up the faces of the shikhara at the corners, and the large chaitya( stupa)- like openings,  designedly to declare the concave behind the shikhara face. and the face rendering of sculpted red sandstone and white marble insets recalls the frame and infill of brutalism. One finds the answer in Kanvinde’s reply to how he sees himself “I see myself learning, searching. It’s a work of art.”


Three temples  built in this ISKCON temple complex which dedicated to Shri Krishna-Radha, Sita-Rama, and Guara-Nitai. Apart from these temples, a museum has also been built here, where Ramayana and Mahabharata are performed in front of the people. This temple a major temple in Delhi mainly dedicated to Shri Krishna and Radha.

There are three temples to be seen in this ISKCON temple complex located in Delhi. These three temples dedicated to the forms of different deities. One temple dedicated to Radha-Krishna, the second to Ram Sita, and the third to Guara-Nitai.


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