Pute Kali

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Story of Pute Kali: Another news widely spread by word of mouth at that time. The engineer who tried to break it to build the road also died. In this way, if 3 engineers die in a row trying to demolish the temple, it is decided by the corporation that the temple will be left. It heard that in view of this incident, the government once proposed that the road can be moved without removing the Lal Mandir, but that was not possible either.

Pute Kali

Why at The Middle of The Road?

It then said that an overbridge would be built and the road would be taken over the Lal Mandir or Pute Kali Mandir. But it is heard that every time an attempt has been made to build the overbridge, it has miraculously collapsed. It may be noted in this context that after the construction of the new road from Ganeshchandra Avenue crossing to Bhupen Bose Avenue crossing was named Central Avenue. Long before this naming, the street called Maharaja Sir Narendrakrishna Dev Street.

When the CIT (Calcutta Improvement Trust) widened Central Avenue, they left the mandir as it was and blocked the road on both sides of the mandir. As was the case at playwright Girish Ghosh’s house. His house also left intact and the road blocked. At that time too, the CIT demolished the Biddon Street Theater to make way for the road.

The Lal Mandir was supposed to be moved even when the metro rail built, but the temple could not be moved due to the protests of countless people. Although the traditional metro runs under it, the temple still stands in its glory in the same place.




Currently, Central Avenue Road divided into two parts, one named Chittaranjan Avenue and the other named Jatindramohan Avenue. Currently, the temple on Jatindramohan Avenue but many people still say that the Red Mandir is above Central Avenue.

Who Built Pute Kali Mandir:

Now let’s discuss the kings of that time. It heard that the Lal Mandir, the temple of Dev’s (Raja Naba Krishna Dev) house. There was a tunnel from Rajbari to this Kalimandir. The path through which the royal girls used to come to worship. The house deity of Devbari is Krishna, so he resides in the house and he resides in the temple next to the house.



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