Purnagiri Temple Samshaktipeeth

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The name of Mother Purnagiri is famous among 108 Peethas in Devi Bhagwat Purana, Shiv Purana, etc. This Shaktipeeth of Poornagiri, located in all four directions, holds its important place among the Kalkagiri, Mallikagiri, and Hemalagiri Shaktipeeths. The temple of Mother Purnagiri, who fulfills the wishes of her devotees, is in the Champawat district.

After traveling from Tanakpur to Thuligad, 8 km. after a walking tour of the mountain, there is a view of Purnagiri Temple Samshaktipeeth from the top of the mountain. The steep climb of the mountain in the east very painful. But for some years the path and stairs have been made by the devotees and iron railings have also been installed to hold them. Due to this, the journey has become even easier.

At the end of this mountain, a small platform is found, which is a little up and down. There is no temple or house etc. here. Linga and Trishuladi are visible in the picture. Here is the main seat, which is worshipped.


According to ‘Shaktipeeth Rahasya’, the nostrils of Shiva’s wife Sati had fallen here, so this place became a holy Shaktipeeth. It considered paramount among the Mallikagiri, Kalikagiri, and Hemalagiri Shaktipeeths. During the Navratras of Chaitra month, special worship is done here and a fair held for a month. Lakhs of pilgrims from different provinces of India come to the temple to have the darshan of Bhagwati.

Purnagiri Temple Samshaktipeeth

Apart from Purnagiri Temple, devotees also visit Jhutha Mandir, Kali Mandir, Bhairoparnagiri Temple, Tanakpur Temple, and Siddha Baba Temple. According to the popular legend regarding the false temple, a king had no children, due to which the childless king was very sad. Somebody told him that by making a temple of gold in the temple and offering it, a child would be obtained. The king did as he said and promised to offer a golden temple after having a child. After some time the king’s son got the Ratna, but in fulfillment of his wish, greed came into his mind of the king and made a temple of copper instead of gold according to his promise. After resting on the top of Tunyas, the king’s servants tried to lift the copper temple, but they could not lift it due to the majesty of the goddess.






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