Panchavarneswarar Shiva Temple

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Panchavarneswarar Shiva Temple graces as Swayambu Murthy. As Ichivalingam showed Brahma the five colors of gold, white, pure, black, and smoky, he also known as Aivannaperuman. Even now we can see the Lord changing into every color for every Kala pooja. No matter where in the world Shiva Puja is performed or Shiva darshan done, all of them come here and stay here. This temple was built by the Cholas. Panchavarneswarar Temple is the 68th temple among the 274 Shiva temples.


Once a Chola king named Karigalan who came to that town was returning through the town after conquering the neighboring country. Then suddenly the elephant that he was sitting on got mad. No one could restrain the elephant which started running here and there. Not knowing what to do, the king prayed to Lord Shiva.

Panchavarneswarar Shiva Temple

Another story is that once upon a time Varayure was the capital of the Chola kings. At that time, Gandhimati, the wife of the Chola king, who once visited the country, used to walk to the Thayumanavar temple in Trichy every day. She was a great devotee of Shiva.

One day, while her mother going to the temple, she fainted and brought to the palace. So, she regretted that her pooja interrupted that day and the Lord appeared to her in a dream as if he was present at the place where the temple is now.

The very next day she went to the place and saw a small Shiva Lingam appearing there as Swayambu. She immediately went there every day and built a temple for Shiva to worship the Shiva Lingam. Since Lord Shiva appeared there as Swayambu, they worshiped Shiv Lingam under the name Thanthondeeswarar.

The other four sisters also gave her the four colored Shivalingams they had (each Shivalingam was of a different color) to send her the Shiva Lingam which the father had given to her as a child while she was going with the king. She kept those five Shiva Lingams under the Vilva tree at the site of this temple and performed pooja. The next day they all became one Shiva Lingam. Because this temple built around that Shiva lingam, the temple with five Shiva lingams came to be known as Panchavarneeswarar in the name of Pancha Varna Iswarar.



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