Panakala Swamy

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Our devotion and faith grow through the supernatural Leela darshan between the devotee and the Lord Panakala Swamy in the transcendental world. Devotees firmly establish their faith in God through parametric knowledge and by seeing the virtues or Lila darshan of previous acharyas. Many of us may not be able to directly perceive the Lord’s Leela. Because we have not achieved that qualification. But devotees can surely meet the Lord when they come to the supernatural abode ‘Mangalagiri’. By witnessing the miraculous Leela of Panakala Nrisimhadeva, one’s perception of God’s presence will surely change and one’s love for Him will surely increase.

Lord Nrisimhadeva is the fourth incarnation of Lord Sri Vishnu. His form is Ardhasingha(half lion) and Artha Nara(half man). So Nrisimha Avatar. He descended to earth to protect the devotee Prahlada during Satya Yuga. The place of appearance of Lord Nrisimhadeva is at Mangalgiri Dham in South India, not far from Ahovilam. The surroundings of this temple look like elephants. The reason for this can be found in the Skanda Purana.

Panakala Swamy Temple

Rishasringi muni was born with many deformities. When he realized that his father is not happy about his deformity, he left home and went out on a religious tour. During his travel, he reached Padita Ashram on the bank of the Krishna River. He prayed to the Lakshminarayan idol there that they stay on the mountain in the form of Lakshminrisingha. Satisfied with penance and austerities, Lord Nrisimhadeva appeared at this place.

Rishasringi used to chant the mantra on this hill day and night. That is why the hill is also called ‘Stotradhi’. One has to climb 600 steps up the ‘Stotradhi’ hill to visit the Lakshminrisingh temple. After climbing 600 stairs, devotees usually felt very tired and passed out. But there is no need to worry, here is a wonderful sherbet called pankam made up of sugarcane juice, camphor, cardamom, and pepper. By taking this prasad, the fatigue of all the pilgrims goes away instantly.


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