Padmanabha Swamy

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In Padmanabha Swamy Temple the Lord lies on Adi Sesha and to the sanctum sanctorum (Garbhalaya) there are three openings to have His darshan.

(1) Face and head on the left.

(2) Middle to see Brahma.

(3) The feet on the right.

The Lord was pratyaksha to each one like Brahma, Aswathama, Vedavyas, Indira, Brugu, and the King of Travancore. The King of Travancore known as Padmanabha Dasa (the servant of Lord Padmanabha).

The name of the Goddess is Hari Vallabha. It also said that there are 12,000 Saligrams in this temple.  Sannidhis also there inside this temple premises for Kurma Bhagwan and Narasimha Bhagwan. The temple decorated with 1,40,000 brass lamps and on special occasions when they  lit it is a delightful scene to watch.

Padmanabha Swamy Temple

All male devotee has to be bare by the upper garments before entering the precincts of this temple as also in most of the important temples in Kerala. Most of the temples insist on the cloth they wear being fresh and as a general rule prefer wet cloth immediately after a bath. Most of the Kerala temples are extremely clean and have an atmosphere of sanctity in them.


In this temple as well as in most of the temples in Kerala, the pujas and other rites  performed by the Namboodri Brahmins. The Namboodri Brahmins the original Malayalee Brahmins in Kerala and had the right to perform pujas in Kerala, a practice derived from Parasurama Himself.

The story of Kerala and its origin  intwined with this Namboodri Brahmins. Parasurama after spending His wrath of having killed many Kshatriyas Kings in the North and South came to the Western Ghats and this mighty saint threw his axe to the Arabian Sea and called the Sea Lord to go back and gave him a strip of land which came to be known as Bhargava Kshetra, the present Kerala State. Parasurama brought Brahmins to settle there and asked Brahmins to develop this land which was so picturesque that many people came from the nearby States to inhabit it. This is the legendary origin of Kerala and the Namboodiri Brahmins and the peer among them is Adi Sankara.




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