Nataraj Temple Chidambaram

August 5, 2022 by admin0

The 9 entrances to the Nataraj Temple Chidambaram temple, which is based on the human body, represent the 9 gates in the human body.

The golden roof of the plane is covered with 21,600 gold plates, which indicates that man breathes an average of 21,600 times a day (15*60*24 =21,600).

72,000 gold nails are used to fasten these 21,600 plates, and this number 72,000 represents the total number of nadis (nerves) in the human body, including the energy supply to many parts of the body that are not visible to the eye.

In Thirumandra, “Thirumoolar” is Shivalinga in human form, that is Chidambaram, that is Satasivam, that is his dance. Thirumoolar says that man represents the image of Lord Shiva. This is the Sadasivam Pratishta representing Chidambaram.

The “Ponnambalam” is slightly inclined to the left side, which represents the heart in our body. To reach this place, one has to climb five steps, these steps are called “Panchachara Padi” which means the five letters “C, Va, Ya, Na, Ma”. The “Kanakasabha” comes from the side instead of a straight path like in other temples. To bear this Kanaka Sabha

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