Meenakshi Mandir Madurai

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During the reign of Tirumalai Nayaka (1623–55), several complexes were built in the temple, including the Vasantha Mandapam and the Kilikokondu Mandapam. Rani Mangalam builds the tanks of the Meenakshi Mandir Madurai and the corridors of the Meenachi Nayakar Mandapam.


Many controversies arose about the succession to the Pandya throne around the 14th century. Alauddin of Delhi invaded Madurai in 1310 and exploited the anarchy. His general Malik Kafur was behind the extensive loot of the city which disturbed the life of the common people. Of the fourteen minarets of the Meenakshi Mandir, all were destroyed except only Sundareswarar and Meenakshi.


It is 2 KM from Meenakshi Mandir Railway Station. It is situated in a city called Madurai, Tamil Nadu.


History of Meenakshi Mandir

This temple is about 2600 years old. The history of this mythical temple is described in the Puranas. The name of the person who restored this temple for the first time 2400 years ago is not found in history. The glory of the Sundareswarar temple in Madurai was at its height during the reign of King Alavaya in the 7th century. In the 9th century, depicted 30 pastimes of Shiva. After the 12th century, this great temple got the name ‘Meenakshi Sundareswarar’.

In 1310, Malik Kafur ransacked and looted the temple. Hindu kings renovated the temple between the 1370 and 14th centuries. Thirumalai Naikkar gave a lot of support in rebuilding this temple. Between 1572-95, Birappa Naikkar got the Sahastra Stambha Mandapa and North Gopura constructed in the temple.

Jata Varman Sundar Pandya built the eight-story Eastern Gopuram between 1140 and 1256. The nine-storeyed Western Gopuram was built in 1323. In the 16th century, Raja Chevvanti Chetti built the southern Gopuram. King Krishna Veerappa built the northern Gopuram in the 16th-17th. Chitra Gopuram was built in 1570 by Kalathimudalai.

Seva Nidhi Murthy got the Nayak Gopuram built in the year 1559. Various gopuras were built by different kings between the 15th-16th centuries. This temple is famous everywhere for the grandeur of its construction.

Meenakshi Mandir Madurai


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