Mangala Gowri Mandir

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Mangala Gowri Mandir remains the Meru Shikhar of the Goddess Temples of the entire Bihar, Maa Mangala Lok  worshiped in the form of a superpower since the beginning of the Magadha Empire, and even today, due to its special cosmic power. On the south side of the city on the Gaya-Bodh Gaya Road, there is the courtyard of Adi Mata Mangala Gauri, about 51 steps up. Right in the middle of which is the temple of the mother.


Special preparations  made in the Jaimangala fort of Begusarai, situated in the middle of the Kabar Lake filled with red lotus and the only Ramsar site of Bihar, which is one of the 52 Shaktipeeths for Navratri, the great festival of worship of Shakti. Here the worship of Goddess Siddhidatri and Mangala form has special significance in Shardiya Navratri. The wishes of every devotee who comes here fulfilled, due to which devotees from other districts and states also come to the temple to worship the mother.

There is also a Sarvamangala Peeth in India’s twelfth prime goddess pilgrimage and the famous 108 Shakti Sthals. Various scriptures like Devi Bhagwat, Tripura Rahasya, Kalyan, Chandi, etc., considered the most important authentic Shaktipeeth of Bihar. The breast of Sati had fallen here. The entire Durga Saptashati inscribed on the outer wall. In which the idol of Ganesh, the destroyer of obstacles, Umashankar, etc. is prominent. Ramchandra Nayak participated in the reconstruction of the temple.

Mangala Gowri Mandir
Mangala Gowri Mandir

According to mythology and beliefs, when Lord Shiva  doing a tandav with the dead body of Sati, Sati’s breast and withers fell at this place after being cut from the Sudarshan Chakra. Due to this, the Shaktipeeth built here and the Pala period kings built the temple on a high place situated in the middle of the lake. Mata Jayamangala, the auspicious form of Mother Bhagwati, worshiped since time immemorial.


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