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Kailash Manasarovar spread over an area of about 320 square kilometers. Mount Kailash in its north and Rakshatal lake in the west. According to the Puranas, the 120-kilometer circumference and 300 feet deep sweet water lake Mansarovar situated at the highest altitude of 17 thousand feet above sea level in the world originated when Lord Shiva  pleased with the penance of Bhagirath.

Such a wonderful natural lake is not in any country at such a height. According to the Puranas, the lake formed due to the water velocity revealed by Lord Shankar later got its name ‘Mansarovar’ – surrounded by Mansarovar Lake further enhances the religious importance of Mount Kailash. Since ancient times, this place had special significance for various religions. Various beliefs and folk tales associated with this place reflect only one truth: the unity of all religions.

It is a holy place according to the Hindu religion. Thousands of people participate in the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra every year to see it. According to our scriptures, Lord Brahma had kept the tears of joy of the Supreme Father God in his Kamandal and established “Mansarovar” on this earth at a place like “Trieshtakam” (Tibet) heaven.

Description of Kailash Mountain

The holiest Mount Kailash holds its special place in Hinduism. According to the Hindu religion, it is the permanent abode of Lord Shankar and the mother of the world Parvati. The Kailas range extends from Kashmir to Bhutan. Between Lha Chu and Zhong Chu  situated Mount Kailash, the northern peak  named Kailash. Mount Kailash  also known as ‘Ganparvat and Rajatgiri’. Perhaps this also the Meru mentioned in ancient literature. It believed that this mountain is self-manifested. The south side of Mount Kailash considered sapphire, the east side crystal, the west side ruby, and the north side gold. Mount Kailash is like a stone pyramid with a height of 22,028 feet above sea level, the shape of whose peak is like Virat Shivling.


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