Mahalakshmi temple in Karur District, Tamil Nadu

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A festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Adi at the Mahalakshmi Temple in the Karur district of Tamil Nadu. Strange festival! Hundreds of people attend the temple on this day to see. Curious tourists come not only from India but also from abroad to witness this festival. Devotees line up on the temple premises and sit on the ground hoping to receive the silver from the temple priest.

Mahalakshmi temple in Karur District

After the puja, the temple priests bring lots of coconuts to the seated devotees. They then hit the fans one by one on the head and tried to crack the coconuts. Devotees believe that if they do this, bad effects will be removed from their lives and immense happiness and peace will come.


There is a story about the breaking of coconuts on the heads of devotees at the Mahalakshmi temple in Karur District on the occasion of this original festival. Which was told by the priest of the temple. When the British were ruling India, the British administration once decided to demolish this temple and lay a railway line through this place. At that time, the local residents strongly objected to this and staged a protest. Seeing the devotion and trust of the local people towards this temple, the British rulers initially backed down. Later they changed their strategy.

The devotion of local people to testing, they call a strange competition. The English representatives of the British ruler thought that the local people would shy away from participating in this competition. That is why they call this strange competition. The British excavated 187 coconut-shaped stones from the temple site to test the devotion of the villagers. Then they ask the local villagers to break these stones by placing them on their heads. The English said, “If you can break this stone by placing it on your head, then this temple will not be broken. I think your goddess is very awake.’ According to many, that stone breaking of those days has changed to coconut cracking today.





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