Lord Krishna Temple Thiruvarappu

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Many legends tagged with this Lord Krishna Temple Thiruvarappu. One such story is that during the exile, the Pandavas used to worship the idol of Lord Krishna and offer them bhog. Responding to the request of local fishermen to leave the idol here, the Pandavas left this idol of Lord Krishna in Thiruvarappu after the end of their exile. The fishermen then started worshiping regularly Lord Krishna as the village deity. But the fishermen were once in trouble, an astrologer told them that you are not performing all the pujas properly. After this, they immersed the idol of Lord Krishna in a sea lake.

Krishna Temple Thiruvarappu

Once Vilvamangalam Swamiyar, a sage from Kerala was traveling by boat. His boat got stuck in one place. Even with very serious efforts, the boat could not move forward, so the question began to arise in his mind what is it that his boat is not moving forward? After this, after taking a low dip in the water, he found an idol lying there. Sage Vilvamangalam Swamiyar lifted the idol out of the water to his boat.

While moving with the idol he stopped to take some rest under a tree keeping the idol there on the ground.  When he started leaving, he tried to lift the idol, but he could not move the idol, it stuck there. After this, the idol  installed in that place. Lord Krishna in this idol is present for the time when he killed Kansa. Krishna was young and very hungry. Lord  offered Bhog always because of this belief.

Bhog  offered 10 times a day


It  believed that the deity of God, young Lord Krishna, situated here could not handle hunger and because of this special arrangements made for his food. Bhog  offered to Lord Krishna ten times a day. If bhog not offered then his body dries up. It  also believed that slowly offerings from the plate disappear and it believes that Lord Krishna himself eats this prasad.

Lord Krishna Temple Thiruvarappu remains open even during the eclipse period.


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