Lingaraj Temple

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The distinctive factor about the Lingaraj Temple is that only the followers of Hinduism are allowed to enter the temple. The glory of this temple can be gauged from the fact that 6 thousand people visit the temple each day to see Lingaraj. The Lingaraj temple is basically devoted to Lord Shiva, and images of Lord Vishnu are also existing here. The main temple is fifty-five meters tall and consists of about 50 different temples. Almost each and every Lingam temple in India is dedicated to Lord Shiva only.

Lingaraj Temple

However, the temple  believed to be the only temple in India where both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva worshiped together. A whole of 22 worship offerings offered to the deities right here each day. Once each and every year the photo of Lingaraja carried to the Jalmandir in the middle of Bindu Sagar Lake. The temple receives over 6,000 devotees and the day of Shivaratri is an important day of celebration when the number reaches over 200,000 tourists. If you are out on a spiritual outing to Bhubaneswar, then do not forget to go to the Lingaraj Temple.



According to history, the temple constructed by the Somvanshi king Jajati I (1025-1040) during the eleventh century. Jajati Keshari shifted his capital from Jajpur to Bhubaneshwar which used to be referred to as Ekakshara in the Brahma Purana as a historical scripture.

In the eleventh century, the temple constructed by Raja Jajati Keshari, who belonged to the Soma dynasty. It believed that when the king shifted his capital from Jaipur to Bhubaneshwar, he started the construction of the Lingaraj temple. This ancient temple also referred to in the Brahma Purana, a Hindu scripture



There is a legend about the Lingaraj temple. Lord Shiva once told Goddess Parvati why he favors the city of Bhubaneshwar over Banaras.


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