Lakshman Temple Sirpur

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Lakshman Temple Sirpur, a witness of silent love made of red bricks located in Sirpur, Chhattisgarh, has been embodying such uniqueness for centuries. When viewed from the outside, it looks like a normal Hindu temple, but due to its architecture, architecture, and its construction, it is also called the Lal Taj Mahal.

The Pandu dynasty was ruling here at the immediate time, mother to ruler Mahashivagupta Balarjuna, Viasat had built the Lakshman Temple in memory of her husband Harshagupta.


Situated on the banks of Mahanadi in Chhattisgarh, Sirpur’s past is full of cultural diversity and architectural elegance.

It is about 78 km from Raipur, the capital of the state of Chhattisgarh. It was settled around the 5th century. There is evidence that it was a major pilgrimage site of Buddhism from the 6th century to the 10th century. Ancient Buddhist monasteries were also found here in excavations.

It was in the 12th century that a devastating earthquake destroyed this vibrant city. It is said that before this disaster, a large number of Buddhist people used to live here. Due to natural calamities, he had to leave this city and gradually this city got lost somewhere in the dust of time. Later it was resettled.

Lakshman Temple Sirpur

Glorious History

Sirpur is known for its eternal moral values ​​of art and original architectural style. It was famous as a special art pilgrimage in the history of Indian art. Along with this, it is also illumined with the light of religious, spiritual, and knowledge science.

Let us tell you that Sirpur was famous as Shripur in ancient times, during the period of Somvanshi rulers it also had the distinction of being the capital of South Kausal.

According to historians, the Chinese traveler Waensang also came here in the 6th century. At the same time, historical legends tell that the Somvanshi Pandava kings of Bhadravati had left Bhadravati and settled it.


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