Kurmanathaswamy Temple

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Actually, Lord Vishnu is appearing to the devotees in the form of Kurmavatar in this Kurmanathaswamy Temple. This is the only temple in India. The sculpture in this temple is very unique.

The lord there appears facing west, apart from this, there is another special feature in this temple. That is each temple has only one flag pole, but this temple has two flag poles. Along with this, there are temples of Sri Ramanujacharya, Sri Varadarajaswamy, Sri Madhwacharya, and Kodandaramaswamy.


Inscriptions dating back to the 11th century have been found here in these Ayala premises. Sthalapurana of famous pyramid meditation guru Subhash Patriji who passed away. Many people think that this temple in Srikakulam, Gara Mandal built before the 2nd century. It not clear when the temple was actually built. But this temple was developed during Chola and Kalinga Raja dynasty. It said that the importance of this temple has been known since the 7th century.

Later the various dynasties that ruled the region developed it at different stages. It  mostly done under the rule of the Kalinga, Andhra, and Chola dynasties. In the entire structure of the temple, the pillars known as Gandharva Shilpa Edda represent the name and glory of these dynasties. Swethachakravarti ruled the town of Swethapuram on the coast of the South Sea.


Swethachakravarti had a wife named Vishnupriya. She is a devotee of Maha Vishnu. Once she was on Ekadashi Vrata Deeksha when her husband Swetamaharaju came to her infatuated.

Then Vishnupriya cordially invited her husband, made him sit, went to the puja temple, and meditated on Vishnu, Swami! I can’t deny my husband, I can’t let you break your vow. I begged you to save me. Lord! Is not the earth clothed in the form of a cow? Atle prayed to support me. Lord Srimannarayana appeared and created the Ganges there. When the Ganges became very hot, the king ran away in fear and reached a mountain and asked his minister about the matter, who explained the whole matter to the king. According to Garuda Puranam. If you worship these six, all the difficulties will be removed…!

Kurmanathaswamy Temple
Kurma Temple

The king repented and thought that death was the atonement for his sin and meditated on Lord Vishnu. Then Narada came and approached the king, and the king explained his distress. Narada told the king to meditate on the Srikurma mantra and meditate on it. It  said that this stream of Ganges merges into the ocean by the name of Vamsadhara and this is the place of Sagarasangama.

Even though the king bathed in Vamsdhara, worshiped Gnaneswara and Someswara who were there, and performed severe penance, Mahanishnu did not have mercy. Then Narada also prayed to the lord and asked him to give darshan to the king, Lord Vishnu, in Kurmaavatara, came out of Chakratirthagundam and appeared to Shvetamaharaja.


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