Kiriteswari Temple Shaktipeeth

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The worshipers who are there, while giving the details of the Kiriteswari Temple Shaktipeeth, said that this temple was built regardless of caste and religion but now the original temple is almost on the verge of extinction His condition is almost broken Now there are two temples at that place Local worshipers claim both the temples as ancient temples.

The original legends indicate this place to be the most elderly mark of architecture in this area. King Darpanarayana erected the temple during the 19th century. The original temple, erected- in 1405, was decimated due to a significant fire. Maa Kiriteswari was the presiding deity of the ruling house of Murshidabad in the golden days of history.

Devotees from far and wide come here for darshan, the mother here is also called Bhubaneswari Devi. It is believed that this place is a highly awakened energy center. This place has special importance in Hindu Puranas and scriptures. If you believe that reason. Goddess Shakti, Manskamana is fulfilled here, due to which the number of devotees is high here.


Confluence of the architecture of three religions

This Mother’s Dham is very special and what makes it special is a wonderful example of universal religious equality. The sanctum sanctorum of this Shaktipeeth located in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal is proof of this. There is no statue of Mata Rani in the sanctum sanctorum, the walls have centuries-old maps, carvings, mandapams, and rice character temples, it seems to be inspired by Sarvadharma architecture.

The head priest of the temple claims that the temple’s original stone slabs contain maps of Buddhist tantras, while traces of Mughal architecture are also found. Not only that, over the centuries saints of various religions have come here, Buddhist saints are said to have done the longest meditation here.

Kiriteswari Temple Shaktipeeth


Historically, this Kiritkana temple was established by Rani Bhavani. There is also a Shiva temple established by King Rajavallabh here. A new temple called Gupta Math within the village houses the worship of Kiriteswari. King Ramakrishna, a devotee of Natore, used to come here from Baranagar. Two stone blocks are still visible on the temple premises, on which King Ramakrishna used to meditate. It is said that Nawab Mir Zafar Ali Khan of Murshidabad when he was suffering from leprosy, expressed his wish to drink Charanamrit of Goddess Kiriteswari as advised by his Hindu Dewan. It is here that the narrative of the Nawab family of Murshidabad is intertwined with the Kiriteswari Temple Shaktipeeth,


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