Kiradu Temple

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Kiradu Temple is a historical and mysterious temple in Rajasthan. The desert land of Rajasthan is world famous for its historical palaces, monuments, temples, and heritage.

India is a mysterious country. As there are rough seas here, there are extreme circles. In one place, when the snow falls in the cold, people shiver the cold, in another place, at the same time, they become restless in the unbearable heat. On one side, when there is a cry for water, on the other side, the hatred of people is seen in the flood of water.

Here people get full freedom to worship or worship their respective gods in places of worship like temples, mosques, churches, etc. As a result, those temples or prayer houses are crowded in the morning and evening, as well as there are places of worship where people do not go after evening.


Kiradu Temple comes on the list of the historical places of Rajasthan. This place is famous for its mysterious history and its craft beauty. A large number of devotees used to gather in these temples. But due to a curse, Kiradu has become deserted today.


The location is in Rajasthan, India. Marurajya is in the Barmar district about 520 km from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. It takes about nine to ten hours to reach Burma from Jaipur via Jodhpur in the west. There is a station called Barmal. Kiradu is about 7 km from the railway station. And 3 km away from the government bus stand. But it takes not an hour from Jaipur by train. The Railway Department informed that the Runicha Express from Jaipur leaves at 12:30 PM and reaches Barmal at 9:00 AM the next day.


The Temple

There were temples of many deities in Kiradu which has turned into ruins today. In total, today two temples can be visited, one is of Lord Shiva and the other is of Vishnu.

Kiradu temple became famous for its sculpture. Due to the beauty of this fort, the Mughals attacked it.

Kiradu Temple



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