Karani Mata

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Rats are kept in the temple of Karani Mata, they are fed. So that they are always watched they do not suffer. There are numerous rats that roam around the devotees. Most of these rats are black, but there are also some white rats. However, the number of white mice is extremely low. Rare is not an exaggeration.

It said that it is not good if a rat comes under the feet of a devotee. The incident portends bad times for that devotee. Again, if a rat climbs up the devotee’s leg. Then the goddess believed to be pleased with the devotee and if the devotee sees a white mouse, it assumed that all his wishes will be fulfilled. These ideas have been around the temple for years.

Karani mata the Aradhya Devi of the royal family of the desert region of Rajasthan.

This world-famous temple also called ‘Chuha Temple’. This doer is a dreamer. He considered to be an avatar of Jagadamba. This Sadhika was born in the Charan clan. Father’s name is Mehoji and the mother’s name is Deval Devi. He resides in a small cave temple. It was with his blessings that the kingdom of Jodhpur established. There are many shops and souvenir shops surrounding the shrine. Puja branches and flower garlands  arranged in shops

After all this, one can reach Matri Mandir. Here one can see a terrible thing. Small and medium-sized rats have such an influence in this temple that there is no way to stand still and see the goddess. Sometimes one or more are falling on the body in groups. But they cannot be driven away. Harmful words can’t be uttered, otherwise, curses will come to the head.

It is very scary for other visitors. There is no way. That’s the point here. You can see thousands of fat rats running around fearlessly trampling visitors’ feet. Again, the body and head of the idol are also rising calmly.




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