Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple

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Although there are many forms of Ganpati Bappa and many such Ganesh temples in the country are the center of faith of the devotees. The Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple in Chittoor is also one such shrine. This temple is unique in itself from all the other temples because, one, this huge temple is situated in the middle of the river, and secondly the size of the idol of Ganapati situated here is increasing continuously. It is said that obstacles take away the sins of every devotee who comes here. Containing many stories of faith and miracles, this mandir of Kanipakkam Vinayak is present in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.


Story of Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple



The story of the construction of the temple is also very interesting, it is said that there were three brothers. One of them was dumb, the other deaf, and the third blind. They bought a small piece of land for their house and cultivation together. For cultivation on the land, they required water, So, they dug a well that had dried up. After digging for a long time, the water came out.

Kanipakam Vinayaka Mandir

After digging a little more, a stone appeared. They saw surprisingly that a stream of blood started coming out while removing that stone. That made the water of the well red immediately.  As soon as this miracle happened, all three brothers, who were dumb, deaf, or blind, completely cured. When this news reached the people living in that village, they all started gathering to see this miracle. Then everyone saw the idol of Lord Ganesha himself manifested there, which was installed there in the middle of the water. It was founded in the 11th century by the Chola king Kulotunga Chola I. The temple was expanded in the Vijayanagara Empire in 1336.

It said that the size of Vinayak’s idol present in this temple is increasing day by day. You must be surprised by this too, but people here believe that this idol of Ganapati increasing its size every day. The proof of this is his stomach and knees, which are taking bigger sizes. Sri Lakshmamma, a devotee of Vinayaka, said to have presented him with a Kovach, but due to the increase in the size of the statue, it has become difficult to wear it.


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