Kalyani Devi Mandir

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Kalyani Devi Mandir is located in Kalyanpur. Prayag of Mata Kalyani Devi  a verse mentioned in chapter 76 of Mahatmya. According to Swami Karpatri Ji Maharaj, this is the Upshaktipeeth of Lalita Devi who is famous by the name of Kalyani Devi.



A long time ago in Satya Yuga, Sati, wife of Lord Shiva, daughter of Daksha, immolated herself in protest of her husband Shiva’s insult to her father. Lord Shiva shocked by the incident and in anger, he kept the dead body of Sati on his shoulder and started the dance of destruction, and started moving towards the East. Watching his devastating attitude Bramha and the other Gods became worried. They worried that the universe may be destroyed. They knew that the body of Sati on the shoulder of Lord Shiva would not decompose so long it remained in touch with Shiva’s body.

Kalyani Devi Mandir

But it important to detach the body of Sati from that of Siva to bring Lord Siva out of such a great shock and could be avoided the catastrophe of the universe.  They knew what to do but not sure how to do it.

They then approached Lord Bishnu. After a long discussion, they decided that Lords Bramha, Bishnu, and Shani would utilize their power of Yoga to chop the body of Sati into pieces and throw those parts of the body into the universe to establish Shaktipeeths. They executed the plan. The destruction of the universe  averted.

Two fingers of Sati had fallen here. Behind the temple is the temple of Bhadra Bhairav ​​Nath. There is a silver throne at the place where the mother sits. The divine form of the mother provides extreme coolness to the mind.

Kalyani Devi Mandir believed to be 200 years old temple and known as an ancient Hindu abode in Uttar Pradesh. This famous pilgrimage center dedicated to Goddess Kalyani who is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. People come to this divine place to seek blessings from the Supreme Goddess- Kalyani. It said that devotees pay homage to the divine mother every Friday.

Followers indulge themselves in various bhajans and kirtans, at which point they step inside the temple. A Bhandara for


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