Kali Devi Mandir Patiala

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This Kali Devi Mandir Patiala established on Mall Road, half a kilometer away from Patiala Railway Station. This temple established by Raja Karan Singh in the 17th century. After visiting the Char Dham, the king established the Kali temple by taking the light from all the shrines and establishing the light of the Kali temple of Kolkata here.


Kali Devi Mandir Patiala

There are two peaks above the garbha griha, one smaller and the other bigger than it. A lotus flower  depicted on the small peak. Above it the peak. There is a small seven-story lamp pillar outside the sanctum sanctorum. Here lamps lit by the devotees.


The shikhara of the temple is built 25 feet high in the Gurdwara style. Brass urn on the top and red colored flag of mother flying above it. Behind Kali Mandir is the temple of Rajarajeshwari Devi.

Kali Devi Mandir Patiala

Around it, there are 15 feet wide marble parikrama. Rajarajeshwari temple  established on a 3 feet high platform and verandahs for the sons of the devotees around the circumambulation.


Kali Devi Mandir and Statue

An attractive 6 feet high idol of Kali Devi installed. Mother has four arms. The tongue of gold is sticking out. The golden crown seated on the head, and the mother’s adornment done daily with flower garlands.


The entire sanctum sanctorum in which the idol of the mother installed  decorated with granite stones. The ceiling above painted with beautiful flowers and leaves. In all the marriages in the Patiala district, the bride and groom, first of all, first all, her’s blessings by having her head bowed in the Kali temple. There are 25-30 permanent fruits, flowers, and prasad shops outside the temple.

There are 25-30 permanent shops selling fruits, flowers and prasad outside the temple. A lake of about 1 acre and a park built around it on the back side of the temple complex. 5-7 thousand every day, 40 to 50 thousand on Saturday, 10 lakh devotees come in both Navratri. two km. There are long lines. 35-40 lakh devotees visit every year.


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