Kalahasteeswarar Temple

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Situated 36 km from Tirupati, the Kalahasteeswarar Temple is famous for its Vayu Linga, which is one of the Panchabhuta sites representing the wind. The temple also known as Rahu-Ketu Kshetra and Dakshina Kailasam. The inner temple built around the 5th century and the outer temple built in the 11th century by Rajendra Chola I and the Vijayanagara kings. Shiva in the form of Vayu worshiped as Kalahasteeswarar.

Kalahasteeswarar Temple

Mythological Story of Kalahasteeswarar Vayu Lingam Temple


During the early days of creation, Vayu performed penance for thousands of years for the “Karpoora Lingam” (Karpooram meaning camphor). Pleased with his penance, Shiva appeared before him and said, “O Vayu Dev! Though you are dynamic by nature, you stayed here without movement and performed penance for me. I am pleased with your devotion. I will grant you three boons. “. Vayu said, “Swami! I want to be present everywhere in this world and want to be an integral part of every living being which is none other than the manifestation of the Supreme. I want to name this Karpoor Linga, which Represents you”.

Samba Shiva said, “You deserving of these three boons. According to your wish, you will spread in this world. There would be no life without you. This lingam of mine will always be known by your name, and all Suras, Asuras, Garudas, Gandharvas, Kinnars, Kimpurushas, ​​Siddhas, Sadhvis, humans, and others  worship this Lingam”. After granting these boons, Shiva disappeared. After this, this Karpoor Vayu Lingam worshiped by all the world.

There many other legends associated with the glory of the temple. Chief among them is Parvati who was cursed by Shiva to abandon her heavenly body and assume human form. To get rid of the above curse, Parvati did a long penance here. Pleased by her deep devotion, Shiva rebuilt her body – a hundred times better than her previous heavenly body – and initiated various mantras including Panchakshari. As a result of this, Parvati gained fame and known as Shiva-jnanam Jnana Prasunamba or Jnana Prasunambika Devi.


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