Jwalamukhi Temple Himachal Pradesh

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This is the place of Dhoom Devi. It comes in 51 Shaktipeeths. In this pilgrimage place, the Goddess  seen in the form of nine lights. These number of lights sometimes varies. The main flame which  adorned in a silver niche in front of the temple gate called Mahakali. Under the Mahakali Jyoti is the holy light of Mother Annapurna, who fills the store with food, and always fills it with food. The third light is of ‘Chandimata’. The fourth holy light is of ‘Hinglaj Bhavani’. The fifth flame is of ‘Mahalaxmi’. The sixth light is of Vindhyavasini and the seventh light is of Mahasaraswati. The eighth light is of mother Ambika and the ninth flame is of mother Anjana. The flame  lit at 9 different places from the rock of the mountain. That is why the goddess called by the name of Jwala ji.

Jwalamukhi Temple Himachal Pradesh located in Singrauli/Sonbhadra Shaktinagar area has a very old mythological history, here along with UP, lakhs of devotees from adjoining areas of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand come to worship throughout the year with Shardiya and Chaitra Navratri, Mythology According to this, the front part of the tongue of Mother Sati  cut off at this place, the eternal flame burning in the Jwalamukhi Temple for many years also become the center of reverence.

Jwalamukhi Temple Himachal Pradesh


Legend has it that in Satyuga, when Emperor Bhumichandra realized that the tongue of Bhagwati Sati had been cut by the chakra of Lord Vishnu and fell on the Dhaulidhar mountains of the Himalayas, he built a small temple at Nagarkot-Kangra for Bhagwati Sati.


After some years in this, a cowherd informed Emperor Bhumichandra that he had seen a flame coming out on such a mountain, which burns continuously like a flame. Maharaj Bhumichandra ji himself came and saw the place and built a temple in the dense forest.



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