Jayanti Shaktipeeth Nartiang

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Jayanti Shaktipeeth Nartiang is 50 km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, a temple of Jayanti Devi in ​​Baur Bhag village on the distant Jaintia hill. It  also known as Durga Mandir. Here Sati’s left thigh had fallen. Here Goddess called ‘Jayanti’ and Shiva called ‘Kramdishwar’.



There is a difference of opinion among scholars regarding this Shaktipeeth of Mother. Some scholars believe that this Shaktipeeth of Mata is in the Khasi Mountain area of ​​Bhorbhog village in Jayantiya pargana of Sylhet district of Bangladesh. At the same time, some articles, mention this Shaktipeeth  found in the northeastern state of India, Meghalaya.


Meghalaya where the main hills named Garo, Khasi, and Jayantiya are there. Evidence of the existence of ‘Jayanti Shaktipeeth’  given here on the Jayantiya hill itself. According to the facts which we have also got, the possibility of this Shaktipeeth of Mother being located in Meghalaya is high.

Since, Devi’s left thigh believed to have fallen at Nartiang in the Jaintia Hills, hence the Goddess here known as Jainteshwari. The Jaintia king Jaso Manik (1606–1641) married Hindu Koch king Nara Narayana’s daughter Lakshmi Narayana. It is said that it was Lakshmi Narayana who had influenced the Jaintia Royalty to embrace Hinduism.

Jayanti Shaktipeeth Nartiang

Nartiang was the summer capital of King Dhan Manik of the Jaintia Kingdom about 600 years ago. He received instruction in a dream from the goddess who informed him of the significance of the place and asked him to build a temple in Her honor. After this, the Jainteshwari temple in Nartiang established. Considering the Military importance of the place and the presence of a cannon indicates the position of the temple in a fort of the Jaintia Kings.

By visiting this Shaktipeeth, the devotee becomes broad and pure in character. This temple has been built by many kings in their respective times. The present temple  rebuilt by Raja Jaintia in the 16th century. The power here ‘Jayanti’ and Bhairav ​​’Kramdishwar’.


When Shri Vishnu dissected the body of Mata Sati, the mother’s left thigh  fallen in the Jayanti Mountain region. Later this area came to be known as Shaktipeeth. The Shakti of this Peeth  worshiped as ‘Jayanti’ and Bhairav ​​is known as ‘Kramdishwar’.


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