Hinglaj Bhavani Mandir

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Legend of Hinglaj Bhavani Mandir: According to one of these beliefs, after the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati, Goddess Sati’s father Daksha insulted Lord Shankar, then Goddess Sati committed self-immolation. After the self-immolation, 51 parts of Devi’s body fell at different places. Hinglaj is also considered one of these places. It is said that this temple is situated where the head of Goddess Sati fell. That is why the mother is not seen in her full form in the temple, but only her head is visible.

Hinglaj Bhavani Mandir

For Hinglaj Bhavani Mandir, Pakistan, there is no difference between Hindu and Muslim among the devotees. Here Muslims are also seen bowing their heads in front of the Goddess with equal reverence. For Pakistanis, this temple is Nani’s temple. Many people call the difficult journey here Nani’s Hajj. Thousands of devotees from all over the world come and bow their heads in this temple of Nani. This Shaktipeeth is considered very auspicious and very important for Hindus all over the world. It is also believed that if any devotee walking on a 10 feet long road of coals reaches the mother to visit, all his wishes will be fulfilled. Nowadays this practice may have ended, but the faith in this temple and mother has not diminished.

This temple is completely dedicated to Hinglaj Devi. Muslims call it by the names of ‘Bibi Nani’ and ‘Nani’. Hinglaj Devi is accompanied by another goddess known as Kurukullah. Sati’s mouth was filled with Hingul (sindur), the hill on which she fell is known as Hingul Parvat, and that Peeth is called Shri Hinglaj Mata. This Shaktipeeth is considered most important because the mother’s head has fallen at this place.

Here in the cave, there is a darshan of Jagjanani Bhagwati Hinglaj. One must go on foot into the cave. Along with this, Kali Maa is also visible. Tumreka Dana of Hinglaj is famous. Saints wear its garland. In Hinglaj there is light emanating from the earth.


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