Hanuman Temple Allahabad

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About the Hanuman Temple of Allahabad

In Allahabad, the city of religion, there is a unique Hanuman Temple Allahabad, the god of power, on the banks of the Sangam. This is the only temple in the whole world, where the lying statue of Bajrang Bali is worshipped. It believed that the entire virtue of Sangam completed only after this darshan of Hanuman ji.

In Magh Mela, people from all over the country does kalpavas in the tent cities set up here. But for these Kalpavas, another routine also involved along with Kalpavas and that is to visit the Hanuman ji’s temple located just a short distance away from the Sangam. The people of Kalpa regularly see Hanuman ji lying down after bathing in the Ganges. This Hanuman temple is very famous due to its special structure.

It is said that the journey of the people coming to Sangam is incomplete without visiting this temple. During the flood in the river the temple is completely submerged. According to the Puranas, at that time Ganga comes to bathe Hanuman ji.

Hanuman Temple Allahabad

History of the Hanuman Temple of Allahabad

The unique statue of Hanuman installed here also has the status of being the Kotwal of Prayag. Usually whereas in other temples the idols stand upright. At the same time, Bajrang Bali worshiped while lying in this temple. According to mythology, after the conquest of Lanka, when Lord Rama came to Prayag after taking a bath at the Sangam to seek blessings from Rishi Bharadwaj, his dearest devotee Hanuman fell unconscious after suffering physical pain at this place.

Seeing Pawan’s son dying, mother Janaki gave him a new life with vermilion symbolizing her sweetheart, and blessed him to be always healthy and healthy. There is a tradition of offering vermilion to Bajrang Bali because mother Janaki gave life with vermilion.

It said when Aurangzeb was ruling in India, he tried to remove this statue from here. About 100 soldiers engaged in the work of removing this statue from the temple near the fort located here. Even after trying for several days, the statue could not budge. The soldiers fell ill with a serious illness. In compulsion, Aurangzeb left the statue there.


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