Guruvayur Krishna Temple

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The Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is one of the maximum crucial sacred pilgrim centers of Kerala. in line with legends, the deity worshipped right here is more than 5000 years old. The presiding deity  Mahavishnu, in a very status posture with 4 arms wearing Sankhu(conch), Sudarshana chakram (a serrated disk), lotus, and mace. he’s worshipped as Balakrishna, the complete avatar (Purnaavatara) of Mahavishnu. The idol created from an extraordinary stone called Patala Anjana.




According to the Mahabhagavatam, the sacred idol is identical which became at the start offered with the aid of using Maha Vishnu to Brahma who afterward gave it to the Kashyapa couple Devaki and Vasudeva, who consecrated it during a shrine at Dwaraka, and eventually, Lord Krishna and Rukmini worshipped it.


Guruvayur Krishna Temple

Shri Krishna advised his essential disciple Udhavar to are seeking for the help of Guru (Brahaspathi) and Vayu to rescue the idol from the approaching submerge of Dwaraka and set up it in a becoming location. So, Brahaspathi took the speed of the idol and journeying a long way and extensively followed with the aid of using Vayu, discovered a surprising spot with a pleasant crystal lotus lake withinside the midst of wealthy images of coconut palms. They met Shiva and Parvathi on the bathing ghat, for the very homestead of Shiva became on the choice severe facet of the lake, called Mammiyur temple. Then the sacred idol became consecrated and also the location got here to be called Guru Vayu Puram or Guruvayur after Guru and Vayu.


The Temple:

The idol here’s a four toes tall depiction of a standing four-armed Lord Vishnu, conserving Sudarshana chakra on his again right hand, Panchajanyam (conch) on his left  Kaumodaki (Gada) on his front left. A totally bloomed lotus on the front right hand. It made from an unprecedented type of stone named Patalanjana Shila and taken into consideration as extraordinarily sacred because of its lengthy worship stories. It set up going through east, during a way that the first rays of the Sun fall at the toes of the Lord on Vishnu. The thought of the idol  because of the four-armed shape which Lord Krishna confirmed to his parent immediately after his birth, and thus the Lord  taken into consideration to be an infant form.


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