Gupta Ganga

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One of the rocks in the Gupta Ganga Temple has a huge footprint, believed to be that of the second Pandava brother, Bhima.

Perched on a high embankment wall on the banks of the Niru River, the topography is spectacular. The area is uninhabited and quite wooded. Niru river is clean and full of water.

Gupta Ganga

It believed that this temple was built by the brother of Yudhishthira, Bhima during the exile of Pandavas. Inside the cave, there is a large footprint-like mark on a rock, which believed to be attributed to Bhima himself.

This temple is of great importance at the local level. It believed that there was also a tunnel in the cave which led to Srinagar. The temple complex seems to  established a favorable environment with its immediate ecosystem as the trout fish in the nearby Niru River fed by the temple priest and  forbidden to be caught.

The Shiva temple carved out of a rock. It almost looks like a cave. In front of the opening is a temple building, which is not an ancient structure. The temple constructed with large stone slabs that used to form a square, pitched roof profile. However, much of the temple is part of the natural mountain that ends it. There is a dome-shaped shikhara on top of the temple.


The main building element of the interior of the temple is stone. The Sanctum sanctorum of the Gupta Ganga Temple constructed of bricks and painted. The Sanctum sanctorum surrounded by a copper finial. The inner sanctum has a huge lingam made of a single black and highly polished stone.

There are footprints of Bhimsen on a rock inside the Gupta Ganga Temple. It  said that there is a long cave that used by the Pandavas to reach Kashmir from Bhadranwaj during their Agatha-vas.

Gupta Ganga is one of the famous historical pilgrimage sites of Bhaderwah. The whole scene is so fascinating that the audience wants to watch it again and again. The water inside then flows into a ‘bawali’ (pond) where sadhus, devotees, and visitors bathe. The water of ‘bawali’ is cool in summer and hot in winter.




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