Gorakhnath Temple Gorakhpur

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In the 14th century in India, Muslim emperor Khilji tried several times to demolish the Gorakhnath Temple Gorakhpur but he could not succeed in this.

In the 17th – 18th centuries, Aurangzeb attacked the Gorakhnath Temple Gorakhpur several times, but each time he had to return in the face of the organized power of the Hindus. The minor damage that occurred in the Temple was immediately rectified by the yogis here.

Gorakhnath Temple Gorakhpur

The Temple

Deity is a Siddhimayi divine yoga idol. The sight of this idol is enchanting and enthralling. The feet of Shri Guru Gorakhnath ji is also revered here. Whose methodically goes to worship? Worship of Lord Gorakhnath’s Deity starts with the plucking of drums in the morning, in the mid-day, the sequence of worship also goes on, and in the evening from a fixed time to the appointed time, the program of pre-aarti, etc. The marking of the paintings of Navnaths in the Temple has also become very grand.



All the special festivals and festivals  celebrated in Gorakhnath Temple Gorakhpur. Makar Sankranti festival celebrated with great enthusiasm since ancient times. While traveling Jwala ji, Gorakhnath ji reached Gorakhpur and started doing penance sitting at the same place where the Temple  built today. Devotees built a hut for Guru Gorakhnath ji. They started filling khichdi in the miraculous cakes of Gorakhnath ji. It was the date of Makar Sankranti. It is never full, so since then, a huge fair of 45 days  held every year on the occasion of Khichdi in Gorakhnath Temple, which is not held in any Temple in the world.

Social Activities:

Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Ayurveda College, Charitable Hospital, Smriti Bhawan, Education Council, Women’s Hostel, Inter College, Degree College, Gaushala, and more than one and a half dozen educational institutions  run by Gorakhnath Temple for public service. There has been an unprecedented increase in social, cultural, religious, and political work after Yogi Adityanath took over.



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