Goddess Mundeswari Devi

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There is a village called Bhavya in the Kaimur district of Bihar. This temple is one of the oldest in India and is located on the hill of Kaimur village. 608 stairs have to be climbed to reach the temple. Only then is the vision of Goddess Mundeswari Devi and Panchamukhi Shiva highly awakened, the seat of Shiva-Shakti. The temple is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. One has to wonder how it was possible to build such a high and beautiful stone temple on the hill.

Goddess Mundeswari Devi

Now let’s talk about the goddess. This goddess  mentioned in the Markandeya Purana. According to priests and local elders, the goddess appeared here to kill Chanda and Mukta. The goddess  named Mundeshwari after killing first Chandra and then Munda. Even though our mother kills demons, she merciful to devotees. Whatever can be wished for in absolute devotion to the mother, one gets the benefit. That’s why mother always so crowded. Now let’s talk about the miracle of the goddess.


Many people come every day to witness the grace and miracles of the Goddess. Mundeswari Devi is part of Goddess Kalika. So, there is a custom of goat sacrifice in the worship of the goddess. Common people swear to the goddess. If the vow fulfilled by the grace of the goddess, the mother sacrifices a goat to Mundeswari. Mundeswari Temple is 1900 years old.

Mundeswari Temple became famous for some miracles. In fact, this temple has a tradition of animal sacrifice. Goats sacrificed in this temple as a sign of respect to the mother to appease the goddess, but no weapon required to sacrifice goats in this temple and the blood of the animal sacrifice on the temple ground. Not a single drop fall. Some flower leaves and some grains used in the yupkastha given here. Devotees take sacrificial goats and enter the temple and keep them at a designated place.



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