Godavari Tat Shakti Peeth

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Godavari Tat Shakti Peeth or Sarvashail is the famous Shakti Peeth where the left cheek of our Sati fell and the idols worshiped at this religious place are Visveshwari (Conscious) or Rakini or Vishwamutuka (Mother of the whole world) and Lord Shiva as Vatsnab or Dandapani (staff bearer). This Shakti Peeth is located in the Kotilingeshwar Temple on the banks of the Godavari River near Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh, India. Godavari Tir Shakti Peeth also known as Sarvashail.

Godavari Tat Shakti Peeth

The architecture of Godavari Tat Shakti Peeth

Godavarithir or Sarvashail Shakti Peeth is an ancient temple. The architecture of the temple is magnificent. The temple gopuram is huge in height, that looks stunning. The gopuram has many sculptures of gods and goddesses. Godavari river is a holy river. Bathing in the Godavari River is said to wash away the sins of devotees. Godavari River (1465 km) is the second longest river after the Ganga River.

Godavari Tat Shakti Peeth History

According to a mythological legend, this an ancient shrine known as Ma Visveshwari Godavaritir Shakti Peeth where Sati’s body’s “left cheek” fell.

The main idols of this legendary divine place are Devi “Viswamatuka or Viveshi” (Divine Mother of the Universe) and Lord Shiva “Dandapani or Vatsnab” (Possessor of Shakti), worshiped here.

A few years ago, Mata Godavari Shaktipeeth merged with the holy Salila of West Godavari. It is at this place that Gautam Mahamuni, who after doing penance for twelve years in Tretayuga, went to the lap of Mother Godavari. Earlier this place was the Dandaka Aranya Forest. In this forest, Shri Ram Ji came with Mata Sita and Shri Sheshavatar Lakshman Ji. On the banks of the mighty Godavari River is the temple of Sundareswara Swamy and Bala Tirupati Sundars. This temple is about 150 years old. Next to Tirupati are the Sainath and Sri Radhakrishna temples. There are many trees on the banks of the river Godavari. Tourists come to this place from far and wide and make their life blessed by bathing in the Godavari, visiting temples, and offering prayers.

There are beautiful ghats on the banks of Godavari. Big fairs  held at these ghats. After crossing the Godavari near this Godavari station, the Vamgand of Sati had fallen at the place of Kubbur. It is a Shaktipeeth whose importance  spread far and wide in the whole of Andhra Pradesh and adjoining regions.


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