Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka

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Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka renovated again in the 10th century. This temple rebuilt in the 15th century. After renovating it, Shri Ballabhacharya brought the idol of Dwarkadhish here and installed it. After 1551, due to the invasion of the Mughals, the temple ruined and after that, it was renovated again.

1730, Prakashanand ji Shankaracharya Lakha Thakur conducted Vishnu Yagya at this place.

1861, Maharaja Khanderao got the temple renovated.

1903, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad offered a golden urn in the temple and got many construction works done.

1960, the Government of India started the restoration work of the temple.

1965, the temple remained safe despite the heavy bombings of Pakistan.



The craft and architecture of this temple belong to the Chalukya dynasty of Gujarat. The height of its summit is 170 feet. It has 7 floors. The number of pillars of this temple is 72. On the right side of the main temple of Dwarkadhish, an illustrated description of the preceding and subsequent 71 generations of Lord Krishna given.

The temple of Sri Ranchhodrai the main temple of Dwarka. It also called the temple of Dwarkadhish. The temple reached by climbing 56 steps from Gomti’s side. This temple is inside a wall, which has gates all around. Its circumambulation path through the middle of two walls. The flag of the whole place flies on the temple of Sri Ranchhodrai. There is a festival when it offered. This is the biggest flag in the world

The temple has a black colored quadrangular idol of Sri Ranchhod Rai on the main bench. There is an idol of Amba ji in the fourth floor above the temple.

South of Ranchod ji’s temple is the temple of Balaram ji. Raja Bali and Sanakadi are small idols of the four Kumaras. There is also a Garuda idol in one corner. To the north of the temple of Ranchod ji is the temple of Pradyumnaji. It has a black-brown image of Pradyumna. Nearby there is a small idol of Aniruddha. On one side of the hall is the idol of Baldev ji. There is a small temple of Durvasa ji in the east of the temple.

Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka





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