Dudheshwarnath Temple Ghaziabad

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The history of Dudheshwarnath Temple located in Ghaziabad city is linked to the Ravana period. It is considered to be a Swayambhu temple. Shri Dudheshwarnath Mahadev Math Temple is very ancient and historical. Its historicity is attested.

In the Puranas, there is a description of Hiranyagarbha Jyotirlinga on the banks of the river Haranandi (Hiranyada), where Vishwashrava, the son of Pulastya and father of Ravana, did severe penance. Ravana also worshiped here. Later on, the name of the river Harnandi became Hindon and Hiranyagarbha Jyotirlinga is the self-styled divine Shivling established in the Dudheshwar Mahadev Math temple three and a half feet below the ground.

The main gate of this temple is carved out of a single stone. In the middle of the door is present Ganesh Ji, which has been carved out of this stone. Some people believe that this temple was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Dudheshwarnath Temple Ghaziabad

Mythological Legend

It is said that when the cows of the nearby village of Kaila used to come here to graze, then on reaching the top of the mound, the milk automatically started falling. When the villagers excavated the mound, astonished by this incident, they found this Shivling there. Due to being irrigated with the milk of cows, it is called Dudheshwar or Dugdheshwar Mahadev.

Mahant Tradition

The Mahant tradition continues in the temple. The tombs of all these are on the temple premises. At present, the sixteenth Shri Mahant Narayan Giri (Shri Mahant Narayan Giri Ji) is the presiding officer of Shri Dudheshwar Nath Math Mahadev Temple.


A huge crowd of devotees gathers here during the month of Sawan. Devotees who bring Kanwar from far and wide worship Lord Shiva in the Dudheshwar temple and offer Gangajal. During the festival of Shivratri, devotees come in large numbers to have the darshan of Dudheshwar Mahadev. The festival of Shivratri is considered special.




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