Dirgheshwari Devi Temple

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Gupta Kamakhya has been the main place of worship for the Sakteyas of Assam since ancient times. Dirgheshwari Devi Temple is situated on a hill north of Guwahati. This Upshaktipeeth is about 20 km from the north direction of the district headquarters. At a distance from Rang Mahal, North Gauhati is situated on the Sitanchal mountain. One has to climb 172 steps to reach the hilltop temple. The stairs are low. The atmosphere is peaceful with trees around. A nice place for those who have time to spend some time. While climbing the hill, next to the Dova, one can see Ganesha, Durga, and other idols carved on the rocks of the hill.




This is called Gupta Kamakhya. Kamakhya Devi on Nilachal in Guwahati called Vykta Kamakhya. Moreover, Dirgheshwari Devi Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Mata’s right thigh said to have fallen here.


This is a famous Dirgheshwari Devi Temple not only in Assam but also in India. Dvidheshwari Mata is a very glorious mother. According to the Jogini Tantra, Durgeshwari is the fruit of all desires. Sage Markandeya did penance here. Appreciated by Maharishi’s penance, Goddess Durga appeared and blessed him to be immortal in all ages. Sage Markandeya wrote Markandeya Purana here. The trees in front of the temple  called Bajranali trees. Their oil said to be useful in cooking and in the preparation of medicines.



It  renovated by King Shiv Singh ji. This temple is atop a mountain on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. Ten feet below the mountain there is a dark cave where the Shaktipeeth established. Its description found in detail in the Markandeya Purana.

Dirgheshwari Devi Temple

This Dwidheshwari Mata also known as Gupta Kamakhya Devi. Mother’s knees had fallen at this place. With the mere sight of the divine form of the mother inside the temple, the life of a man becomes godlike for sixty thousand years. Such evidence found in the Veda book Tantra. The temple painted red ocher. There is a trident on top of it. Apart from Mata Peeth, Shivling also established in the sanctum sanctorum. Just in front of a huge verandah made of sixteen pillars. A huge Yagya Kund  built. The eleven-pillared yagyashala built in two sections made of thatch.




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