Dharmeshwar Mahadev Temple

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Dharmeshwar Mahadev Temple, Himachal is located at Varmore in the Chamba district, just 500 km away from India’s capital Delhi. The temple located in a high place looks like a habitable house. But many people do not dare to enter there, and their chest trembles. So many times, even while entering the temple, the visitors come back out of fear. This is because Dharmaraj resides in this temple.


Mythological Story of Dharmeshwar Mahadev Temple, Himachal



One who has finished his pastimes in this world has to go to Dharmaraj or Yamaraj. This is the idea of ​​the theist. There is an empty room within this temple of Dharmaraja. It is called Chitragupta’s house. Chitragupta is Yamaraj’s secretary. It is this Chitragupta who decides the day of death of the living being. It is said that when a living being dies, Yamaraj’s emissaries first bring the soul of the deceased to this temple. Here they are judged according to Karma then they are sent elsewhere.

Dharmeshwar Mahadev Temple

The temple of Yamraj, known as Dharmeshwar Mahadev, built by Maru Varman on the northern corner of Chaurasi. Now it enshrined in a temple made of stone and wood, the roof of which covered with slate. It  believed to be the court of Dharmaraja and locally called ‘Dhai-Podi’, which means two and a half steps. These stairs may now be located under the Dharmaraja temple in the 84-temple complex at Bharmour.

This temple called ‘Yamra’ because Yamaraja judges living beings here. Here Yamaraja received the souls brought by his attendants. It said that there are four darshan gates in this temple. Ingots made of gold, silver, copper, and iron. Souls sent through these doors to go to heaven, death, hell, the underworld, etc. according to Yamaraja’s judgment. Garuda Purana also mentions four such doors.



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