Dauji Mandir

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Dauji Mandir situated on the banks of river Yamuna, the deities of Dauji, Madan Mohan, and Ashtabhuj Gopal seated in this mandir. The main ‘Baldev Mandir’ of Dauji or Balram is in Baldev of Mathura itself. There is a fully flourishing market in the parikrama path around the mandir like the coil of a snake. There is also a huge pool behind the mandir, which known as ‘Balabhadra Kund’. It called the name of ‘Kshirsagar’.


Jagran Gokul and Mahavan are in the middle of the path of the mandir established at Baladeva, about 21 km from Mathura. In this Vidrumavan, there is a very beautiful huge statue of Balarama and the deity of Jyotishmati Revathi, daughter of his consort King Kaku. This is a huge mandir. The mandir has four main doors. Which are respectively known as ‘Singhchaur’, ‘Janani Deodhi’, ‘Goshala Dwar’, or ‘Badwale Darwaza’.

Dauji Mandir

Baldev such a pilgrimage, whose beliefs followed by the Hindu religion. The matter of the lineage of Vallabhacharya ji among the Dharmacharyas is different. There are beliefs of Baldev ji among all the religious teachers like Nimbarka, Madhva, Gaudiya, Ramanuja, Shankar-Karshni, Udasin, etc. Everyone has been regularly visiting Baldevji for worship and this sequence continues even today.


Tradition of Huranga


The tradition of Huranga is five hundred years old in the city of Baldau, Baldev. It  believed that the deity of Shri Baldau  consecrated here in 1582. It said that during the architectural period of the Deity in the mandir, there was a tradition of playing huranga in Baldau.


Braj’s Holi centered on Lord Shri Krishna, while Dauji’s Huranga centered on his elder brother Shri Baldevji. In Kodamar Holi, the Hurriyains do not see whether the beating is the brother-in-law or the father-in-law. In Huranga, the gopis lash out at the bare bodies of the gopas in the form of love. The devotees delighted to see such a sight. Huranga takes place after Holi in Baldev’s Dauji mandir.

To play the Huranga, the Hurriyains, dressed in traditional lehenga-Farias and ornaments, flock to the mandirs singing Holi songs. Sevayat Pandey Samaj, a descendant of Goswami Shri Kalyan Devji, plays Huranga. Even the Hurriyains do not see whether the person in front is the brother-in-law or the father-in-law during the whipping.


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