Dakor Dham Temple

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Dakor Dham Temple of Gujarat, one of the major pilgrimage sites of India, is known for the wonderful and exquisite form of Lord Shri Krishna. 30 km from Anand on the Anand Godhra line of Western Railway. Dakor railway station is far away. Dakor Nagar is about 2 km far from the station.

There is a grand temple of Ranchodji here, due to its religious importance and due to the deep faith in the devotees here, lakhs of devotees come for darshan.

The Temple

There is a Gomti pond in front of the temple of Sri Ranchhodrai. It is four furlongs long and one furlong wide. The pond built in 572 acres. Its edges solid.  On one side of the pond, a bridge tied for some distance. Before Mahabharata, this lake was very small.


Along with this, the unique craftsmanship of this famous Dakor Dham shrine is also highly praised. Every full moon in this major pilgrimage site of India, there is an influx of devotees.

Dakor Dham

Let us tell you that this holy pilgrimage of Hindus is located just 30 kilometers away from Anand. On the other hand, apart from Ranchor ji of Dakor ji, many temples of Vaishnava estates including Swami Narayan and Shri Vallabh are located in Gujarat, but the biggest feature of this holy Dakor Dham is that people of all sects, castes, etc. are worship in the same form without any discrimination.

At the same time, many very interesting and interesting stories associated with this famous Dakor Dham, so let’s know about the history of this interesting temple –

Dakor Dham Temple History

The interesting history of the idol of the famous temple of Ranchor ji in Gujarat  associated with the theft from Dwarka.

It believed that there lived a Rajput named Baje Singh in Dakor, Gujarat, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Ranchod Ji, he used to walk twice a year with his wife by growing a Tulsi plant on his hands. He used to offer Tulsi leaves to Lord Shri Krishna, who has a dark form.

Bhakta Baje Singh continued to do this for many years, but at the age of 72, when he lost his ability to walk and due to which he could not offer Tulsi ji leaves to Dwarka, after which Lord Baje Singh dreams of his devotee. Came in and asked to install his idol from Dwarka to Dakor.

After which the devotee Baje Singh, obeying the orders of his God, when all the villagers slept at midnight, then reached the temple of Dwarka Ji with a bullock cart and stole the idol of God from there and brought it to Dakor.


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