Chaurasi Mandir

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Life of the people in Bharmour centered around the temple complex – Chaurasi Mandir so named because of the 84 temples built in its precincts. Chaurasi is the Hindi word for the number eighty-four.

The quaint little town of Bharmour is highly respected as this place’s holy land houses eighty-four temples. It is a complex housing several temples with Lakshmi Devi, Ganesha, Manimahesh, and Narasimha.

Mythological Story of Chaurasi Mandir Bharmour

It believed that the land was first seen by Goddess Bharmani Devi. One day 84 Siddhas, who had come from Kurukshetra, were passing through Bharmour on their way to Manimahesh with Lord Shiva. He asked Bharmani Devi if he could take shelter for the night at Bharmour.

Bharmani Devi gave her permission but when she woke up the next day, she saw smoke and fire. She saw that 84 Siddhas had settled on his land. Enraged by this trespass, she ordered Shiva and the Siddhas to move out of the place as he believed that now people would pray to Lord Shiva. Her importance would decline.

Shiva pleaded with all his humility and to console Bharmani Devi he said: “Whoever comes to Manimahesh has to first take a dip in the pool of Bharmani Devi only then the journey will be complete”. For this Bharmani Devi went up to the ridge of the Bhudhal valley. From there at any point, one cannot see the Chaurasi temple. Lord Shiva left but the 84 Siddhas transformed themselves into 84 Shivalingas as they fell in love with the calmness of Bharmour and decided to meditate here.

Equally interesting is the legend about how she became a goddess. It said that the Brahmani lived in a garden on a high peak and her son was very fond of Chitkor (a kind of bird). Chitkor killed by a farmer and his son could not bear the loss and die. Heartbroken, she buried herself alive and the spirits of the three of them began to haunt the local people.

Chaurasi Mandir


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