Chaturdas Devta Temple

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Temple of Fourteen Gods – Chauddo/ Chaturdas Devta Temple situated at Old Agartala, Tripura. The area adjacent to the temple was also named Matabari.


The Chaturdas Devta Temple


The fourteen gods or chauddo debota are the Kuldevtas or Kuldevtas of the royal family of Tripura. The Tipera Kingdom (Sanskrit: Tripura, English: Tipera) was one of the largest historical kingdoms of the Twipra people in north-eastern India.


According to the Chronicles of Rajamala in Bengali poetry composed during the 15th century, the kings of Tripura trace their ancestry to the mythical Chandra dynasty or Chandravansh. The religion of the Twipra tribe had 14 deities known as “Chibravi Mwatai” (in Kokborok language) and worshiped in a temple in Old Agartala, built by Twipra priests known as Chontai/Ochai. who oversee the festivals of Kharchi in accordance with the traditions.

The temple of 14 deities originally located at Rangamati, the capital of the state, which later renamed Udaipur after a king. When King Krishna Manikya Debbarma ascended the throne in 1760, he moved the capital to the old Agartala. The temple of 14 deities also shifted by making a temple at the present place.


The native Kak-Baroque language has the original names of 14 deities: Katar, Katar-ma, Burachha, Meloma, Khuloma, Subrai Raja, Lampra, Toi Bubgra, Sangrama, Harung Bubgra, Nangkhatai Bubgra, Bachhua Bubgra, Thunirok and Banirok, each of Prakriti represent one aspect of Around the 13th century when the kings adopted Hinduism and the title of Manikya, the deities assimilated into the Hindu pantheon.

Today the fourteen deities called Prithvi (Earth), Uma (Parvati), Har (Shiva), Hari (Vishnu), Kumar (Kartikeya), Ma (Lakshmi), Bani (Saraswati), Ganesha, Brahma (the creator), Kamadeva (God of love), Samudra (the ocean god), Ganga, Agni (fire), and Himalaya (god of the mountains). The deities worshiped in the form of a head without a torso. For daily worship, three deities worshiped each day.

Chaturdas Devta Temple



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