Chandranath Shiva Temple Hetampur

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History of Chandranath Shiva Temple Hetamur: Hetampur is undoubtedly a tourist destination and a pleasure trip for the history lover to the past. About 200 km from Kolkata, you will be taken to Hetampur, a small village that in the past developed as a zamindari, while walking through the picturesque forests of Ilambazar. Earlier known as ‘Raghabpur’ after Raghab Roy, who was a local zamindar, Hetampur also changed hands and names. After the revolt of the zamindars under the Rajnagar royal family, the ruler sent General Hatem Khan to curb it. Hatem Khan conquest and the region was named ‘Hatampur’ after Hatem Khan but later came to be known as Hetampur.


Chandranath Shiva Temple Hetampur

After the death of Hatem Khan in 1755, Chaitanya Charan Chakravarti arrived and under him, Hatampur Raj prospered and became ‘Hetampur Raj’. He started ruling the region. Hetampur granted royal status by the British Raj in 1877. It still houses a treasure trove of exquisite buildings including the Ranjan Prasad or Hetampur Hazarduari, which built by Maharaja Ramranjan Chakraborty in 1905 as the family’s royal residence.

The architecture of Chandranath Shiva Temple

The palace has a magnificent structure, a mixture of Victorian style and Gothic architecture, as well as red in color. Brick entrance. The hallmark of the palace is the Corinthian pillars holding the porch. The architecture of the haveli heavily influenced by the Gothic style and arched windows. These ornate pillars have their history in ancient Greece and are classified as one of the classical orders of architecture.

The 1000 Darwaza or ‘Hazard Duari’ resembles the ‘Hajarduari’ palace of Murshidabad. At the top of the mansion is a royal emblem of the Hetampur royal family, which shows an antelope and a unicorn. There is a hollow circle in the middle of the symbol. The frescoes inside the palace on the first floor depict scenes from Vishnu Purana and Ramayana. Ramranjan Chakraborty’s son Kamala Niranjan Chakraborty was a connoisseur of art. The royal chariot inside the palace is definitely another tourist attraction. The brass chariot imported from England by the family.


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